Tuesday, October 13, 2015

What You Need to Know About Mortgage Grammar Fraud

What You Need to Know About Mortgage Grammar Fraud | The Advocacy For Consumer Rights

Grammar fraud is one of the most common ways consumers are cheated by the large companies they must do business with. This practice is particularly common among mortgage lenders. When these lenders use language deliberately to make contracts difficult to understand, they may be committing mortgage grammar fraud.

What is Grammar Fraud?

Grammar fraud occurs when contracts have deliberately incorrect, imprecise, or misleading grammar that works in their favor. To understand this, it might be helpful to first understand the laws of grammar, which are simply what allow us to communicate clearly with each other. The mathematical laws of grammar are what govern proper, precise word usage. In everyday life, following these laws in a general way is usually good enough to be understood. When mortgage lenders misuse the mathematical laws of grammar in their contracts, however, it can have disastrous consequences for a borrower. For example, a contract might say “payments must be received in a timely manner,” but the word “timely” is not defined. When the borrower and the lender disagree on the definition, this can result in late fees and other penalties. This is just one simple example of the many ways mortgage lenders might deliberately obfuscate the terms of a contract.

What Can Be Done About It?

If the language in your mortgage contract seems confusing, you should contact an expert immediately. There are consumer rights advocacy groups that specialize in grammar fraud, and they can help you determine if a contract violates the rules of grammar. Whether you’re unsure about signing a contract or if have already signed one and have missed payments or had other repercussions, these experts can help. Mortgage grammar fraud is a serious issue, and you do not have to tolerate it. Experts in the mathematical laws of grammar can help protect you from being a victim of it.

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